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Meet the Artist


All my life i have been artistically involved. I learned drawing, painting, and crafts from my talented mother, improving my skills through High School in Bosnia and USA. I studied to be a Math teacher, and taught both Math and Art. 


Every few years I moved with my family, not only to a different house, or a different town, but to a different country. We finally settled in Canada in 1997, starting a new chapter once again. 

Going through all those new beginnings, and having to leave a lot behind multiple times in my life,  influenced my art as well. There were interruptions in creativity until daily life was in order. There were pauses for the lack of material, space, or funds. What I always had plenty of, was passion and inspiration.

In the 90’s i painted on silk, using water-colour technique. For the last twelve years I have been painting with pastels and oils. In 2008 I started immersing myself in the local art community.

I am a member of Oakville Art Society, Artworks Oakville, FASM Milton, and VAM Mississauga and I participate in most events organized by these art societies. I volunteer, attend workshops, and exhibit regularly in Juried Shows, auctions, and other events.


I have exhibited with Hittitte Gallery Toronto, OAS Oakville, Artworks Oakville, Holcim Gallery Milton, Harrop Gallery Milton, Beaux Art Brampton, and Moniker Gallery Toronto.

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